What do you need to get a Marriage License


So you want to get a marriage license but dont know what documents you need. Read the information below so you are properly prepared to get your license easily.

You both MUST appear TOGETHER at the same place and the same time.

Both MUST be over 18. (If under 18 contact the County)

If you were Married, Divorced or in a Domestic Partnership (with another person) in the last two (2) years a copy of your divorce decree, annulment, or SDRP termination will be required.

NO Blood Tests are required. (that was more that 20 years ago)

MUST have current valid identification.

The forms of identification MUST contain both the photo and birthdate.

There is NO residence or citizenship status requirement.

You do NOT need to live in California, Los Angeles or the United States to qualify for a marriage license.

Anyone from anywhere in the world with proper Identification can marry in California

Each Person Must bring ONE (1) of the following idenity documents:



Acceptable Forms of Identification for Marriage License must have: Photograph and Birth Date

  1. State Driver's License or State Identification Card.
    Note: In California, this card is ussed by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Identification cards issued by other states may be issued by an agency or department other than their Department of Motor Vehicles.
  2. Military Service ID (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard) or Military Dependent Identification Card
  3. International Driver Licenses
  4. Mexican National Electoral Card
  5. Any Country Driver's License or Identification Card. Note: If ID does not have date of birth, request birth certificate (Translated/Notarized, if required)
  6. Passport or Passport Card (US).
    a) If passport is not in English, translation is required and must be notarized.
    b) If Passport expired but Visa is valid, it is still NOT acceptable
  7. Permanent Registration Alien Card and Certificate of Naturalization. (Border Crossing Card is NOT acceptable)
  8. Matricula Consular: for Argentina, Mexico, Peru, and Korea do not require a Birth Certificate
  9. Consular Card: for other countries will require a birth certificate. (Translated/Notarized required, if not in english)

Matricula Consular will be acceptable only if all of required information is on card, such as date of birth and picture. 

If required, we have a translation service that we use for the birth certificates The additional fee is $100 and must be paid up front.

We will then send the birth certificate for translation, which takes about 1 week. it it is needed sooner a rush fee will be assessed.

We will notify you when the translation is complete.