We have many different wedding ceremony packages available.

Your Officiant will help you design the ceremony and see which one is right for you.

These are our most popular packages:

Just want to pop over to the beach?  Do it in your backyard? A park? This is the perfect package for a quick no frills but amazing ceremony. This is not available for formal weddings at venues.

Includes unlimited phone calls and email support. 

This Traditional Ceremony package incorporates wording from our Wedding Ceremonies Samples  page. This is for Couples who want a wonderful fun and romantic ceremony experience at the venue of their choice.

From our Ceremony Samples Page you choose which ceremony fits you best, as well as any add-ins such as the sand, rose, wine and more from our list. Then, you and your Officiant will combine these elements along with any readings or family/cultural traditions you want to include.

Your Great Package includes one In-Person or Skype planning session, and unlimited telephone and e-mail support.

Religious, Non-religious, Spiritual? You decide. It’s your wedding. (For a bilingual on location ceremony, add $25)

This is one of our most popular packages for couples who want a more personalized ceremony. Includes the Great Package as shown PLUS a more in-depth design process with your Officiant through a longer In-Person or Skype session, with unlimited telephone and e-mail support.

Fill out the relationship questionnaire in advance of your meeting so it can help the officiant combine the ceremony wording you’ve chosen from our samples along with your love story and any readings or add-ins you wish to incorporate. You and your Officiant will work together to design something even more personal than the Great Package. With The Greatest Package, you will have a ceremony that you and your guests will remember fondly due to its uniqueness.

Religious, Non-religious, Spiritual? You decide. It’s your wedding.

Imagine this… that after an even longer or additional In-Person or Skype planning session than the Greatest Package. Your Officiant starts with a blank page and writes a one-of-a-kind, out-of-the-box ceremony just for you!

This is for couples who really want to convey their essence through their ceremony. In this ceremony your love story; vision for married life; family/cultural traditions; favorite poetry; and/or any of our add-ins, are all mixed together to create the most memorable ceremony experience ever.

Perfect for High-end venues. Couples and their guest love this package.

No one snoozes or can’t wait to get to the party here. This is The Ultimate; a wedding that everyone will be talking about for a very long time.

Religious, Non-religious, Spiritual? You decide. It’s your wedding.

Includes all of the ultimate and greatest package elements and the Officiant will agree not to take any other wedding ceremonies that day either 4 hours before or 4 hours after. Officiant will be there for at least 4 hours as needed. They will arrive at least 1 hour prior and will stay 2-3 hours after as needed (additional hours can be requested).

They will work with your wedding planner and other vendors to make sure your ceremony is set. At the reception they can stay and do grace for the meal and/or other ministerial duties as needed. Requires a $300 retainer to book.




*if a Great Officiant is not performing your ceremony, add $20.

**if a Great Officiant is not performing your ceremony, add $25. Additional travel fee may apply, depending on your location.


Monday through Thursday $100

Friday through Sunday $125

Plus travel as applicable

There is great value in having your Officiant conduct your rehearsal along with your venue and/or wedding coordinator(s). If you do not have a venue or wedding coordinator on site for the rehearsal, add $50. Together, we will review the staging, blocking, processional and recessional. The ceremony actions with you, your wedding party and your immediate family members will be staged at this time.

These combined efforts ahead of time will make sure everyone feels comfortable and the ceremony proceeds smoothly and goes well.


If you want the Sand Ceremony, Mothers Rose Ceremony, or Couples Rose Exchange included in your wedding, we can provide the sand and keepsake container or 2 roses for presentation. You must request this in advance. If you supply these items yourself, there is no additional fee.


Some of the Officiants have Battery Powered Wireless PA Systems. We can supply Standard wedding music at no additional charge.

Includes: Entrance music, Bride Entrance Music and Recessional music. If you have special requests, I can try to download it prior to your wedding day.

You can view some of the customized ceremony packages below. Work with your officiant to create the perfect package.

"Great Officiants was a no brainer compared to everyone else! They are affordable, reliable and made sure to make our ceremony memorable!"  Source: Tiffany- YELP Reviews

Want Something Special? Just Ask!!!

Want to add your personal story to the ceremony? Upgrade your ceremony by filling out the questionaire HERE

Prices listed are guidelines. Your officiant and/or notary will advise you on total package price based on your choices.

Why Do We Charge What We Do?

All prices quoted are cash prices if using credit card add 3%