philipino wedding

From $450

Great Officiants incorporates the Filipino teaditions into your wedding.

 Want a specialist who knows do Filipino wedding ceremonies?

Choose one of the professional Wedding Officiants that are skilful in performing the Veil Cord and Coin ceremony as well as all the blessings.

Some of them wear the traditional Barong Tagalog to perform the ceremony. This brings a special touch of island elegance to the Filipino Wedding ceremony
Check out our Filipino Ceremony sample

The Officiants live in different areas of Southern California.
The Travel Fee will be based on the Officiants Home location.
First 20 miles free.
21-34 mile Travel Fee $35
35 to 49 mile Travel Fee $50
50 to 74 mile Travel Fee $75
75 to 100 mile Travel Fee $125
Over 100 Call for Quote