Cute Little Wedding Chapel

cute little wedding chapel

Come to our Cute Little Wedding Chapel In Long Beach for an intimate ceremony.

Just the 2 of you or up to 30 friends and family.

It is an It's a fun and affordable way to get married.

Want to be instantly Married? We are open 24/7.

Check out our Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Chapel areas

Let's do it! It takes 30 minutes or less.

Packages start at $150

marriagelicenseWhen you choose our Cute Little Wedding Chapel indoor Area you and your guests will be able to experience fun and romantic way to get married with the hassles of going to the crowded and boring County Clerks office.

It is SO EASY to get married in our Wedding Chapel.

Get your Marriage License issued to you instantly here or bring in your own that you got from the county clerk's office. Then we take you into our chapel and do your ceremony

After the ceremony we send off your marriage license to the county clerks office and they record the license and send you your copies.

It can be just the 2 of you or our chapels seat up to 30 guests.

We sell Wedding Rings. We can Offer Photo and Video packages

Packages start at $150

Wedding Chapel Pricing 

Includes: Officiant, Chapel, Ceremony Marriage License*

elope 10-4 Guests $299 If you already have your Marriage license $209 (On Sat and Sun and Holidays Add $50)

5-14 Guests $399 If you already have your Marriage license $309

15-30 Guests $499 If you already have your Marriage license $409


Every Wednesday 10am to 2pm ONLY - Just the 2 of you no guests - Ceremony Only $150 - License and Ceremony $199*

We do not count small children in the guest count. Rule of thumb: if they can sit on your lap, then they don’t count!

*Plus $45 notary fees. Certified copies are $15 each (we recommend two)

After 9pm add $50 After midnight add an additional $100

You can get dressed in our nicely adorned bridal dressing room


Choose a Minister/Notary to issue your license and perform your ceremony

chapel staffShari - Michael - Alan - Al-x - Mauricio

They are here to issue you your Marriage License and/or perform your Wedding Ceremony