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for Cultural and Religious Ceremonies:

During these unprecedented times, safety is the most important issue. We are committed to providing a safe wedding ceremony experience. We take our safety and the safety of you and your friends and family and our Officiants and staff seriously during these times and follow to the best of our ability and in some cases exceed the required guidelines as set forth by the CDC and State orders.

As Wedding Officiants, we are compelled to follow the CDC and State requirements for cultural and religious ceremonies. While your venue may not require masks, the rules for cultural and religious ceremonies are the responsibility of the presiding officiant to follow and enforce.


The established rules are for your guests to be social distanced and wearing masks during the ceremony. The masks must be properly worn covering the nose and mouth. If your guests remove their masks during the ceremony, the officiant is instructed to stop the ceremony until they re-mask appropriately.

During the ceremony, the couple can remove their mask if they choose.

Your Officiant will always be masked. We ask that while interacting in close proximity with the Officiant before the ceremony doing paperwork and last-minute details that you wear a mask.

Our Officiants will not go into homes, hotel rooms, dressing rooms or enclosed indoor spaces.

If at any time the Officiant feels that they are in an unsafe environment, they have been instructed to stop the ceremony process and leave the premises immediately.

We understand that no one really wants to wear a mask and that you might not want masks in your pictures, you are getting married during a pandemic and special precautions must be followed while we are there.

Special notes:

Wedding Chapel and Marriage License Appointments

At our Office and Wedding Chapel we currently only allow only 4 Guests for the ceremony and utilize our outdoor Tropical Terrace. In the event of rain or bad weather we will provide another an open-air covered option.

The couple and all guests will be required to sign a covid Health risk acknowledgement and release form before the ceremony begins.

The Couple and Officiant will be required sanitize their hands before the marriage license appointment. The office and seating areas will be sanitized between each event.

Beach weddings

For walk on elopements we ask that appropriate social distancing will be required into family pods.

All guests will be required to wear masks.

For wedding set ups the chairs will be set in pairs of 2

The couple and all guests will be required to sign a covid Health risk acknowledgement and release form before the ceremony begins.

If at any time the Officiant or Setup Crew feels that they are in an or if others are creating an unsafe environment for the ceremony, the event will stop and they will begin to tear down the site.

We thank you for your truly kind understanding and following these guidelines and for helping us keep everyone safe.

If you have any questions please call us.

Here is the link to the current rules for california cultural and religious ceremonies