Great Officiants


for our Wedding Ceremonies:

During these unprecedented times, safety is the most important issue. We take our safety and the safety of you and your friends and family seriously during these times and follow the required guidelines set forth by the CDC and State orders.

As of April 27, 2021 the guidance for masks had been updated.

Most of our Officiants have been fully vaxed however, from the moment, they leave their car till the time return to it they will be wearing a mask.


If our Officiant is Vaxed and you will allow it they can remove their mask for the ceremony if they choose to do so. For the ones who are not fully vaxed a mask will be worn at all times.

The couple and wedding party are not required to wear a mask during the ceremony and should safely space if not vaxed.

ONLY The guests who have been “fully vaxed” may remove their mask during the ceremony (if approved by the venue) if the guests have not been fully vaxed they must keep their mask on for the ceremony.

We can announce this at the ceremony are not the police on this, and it is your responsibility to communicate the current mask requirements to your guests.

Officiants and guests who are not fully vaxed MUST wear their masks during the ceremony.


The Officiant and All guests MUST wear a mask vaxed or not. The couple and wedding party do not.

When you are meeting with the officiant in an indoor location for marriage license etc., our officiants will be masked and would appreciate if you were as well.


Masks are require to be worn at all times from entering the building till you return to your car. The Couple may remove their masks for the ceremony. For pictures, masks can be removed for them but must be put back on when not being photographed.


Other than while we are performing an outdoor ceremony on location, we keep our mask on as a sign of respect and safety.

All masks must be properly worn covering the nose and mouth. If your guests who are required to wear a mask remove their masks during the ceremony, the officiant is instructed to stop the ceremony until they re-mask appropriately.

If at any time the Officiant feels that they are in an unsafe environment, they have been instructed to stop the ceremony process and try to resolve any safety issues or leave the location if unsafe.

We understand that no one really wants to wear a mask and that you might not want masks in your pictures, but we are still in a pandemic and special precautions must be followed.

We thank you for your very kind understanding and for helping us follow these guidelines to keep everyone safe.

If you have any questions let us know.

This will be updated ad conditions change.