Woody’s and His Dream Team at Castle Green

What do you get when you combine Rev. Woody, Wedding Coordinator Samantha from La Bella Dia (LaBellaDia.com), Kara from VOX DJ’s (voxdjs.com), Grace from Tea Rose Gardens Florist (tearosegarden.com), and Brooke from Brook Aliceon Photography ( brookealiceon.com)? You get a picture-perfect ceremony.

What if you add in beautiful California weather, Valentine’s Day, and Castle Green (castlegreen.com)? You get a couple’s ULTIMATE DREAM WEDDING!!

This is what Queenie and Joseph basked in on Valentine’s Day at the historic Castle Green in Pasadena. Woody constructed one of his famous interfaith Christian-Jewish ceremonies incorporating elements of both Faiths, including a reading from 1st Corinthians as well as the crushing of the glass.

Check out Woody’s “old-school” selfie in the mirror, as well as the photos of this 117 year old mansion.


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