Hispanic and Armenian Heritage…Gevol and Evelyn


Evelyn Benitez and Gevol (Joe) Kirpeichyan were united in marriage in a beautiful wedding by the shore of Casa de Lago in Orange. ¬†They wished to include in the ceremony tributes to their respective Hispanic and Armenian heritage. ¬†So at the planning meeting in the home of Rev. Dr. Gary Barmore, who was secured for them by Great Officiants of Long Beach, they developed a sequence to occur after the exchange of vows: ¬†kneeling pillows brought by nieces, a double-looped lasso brought by Evelyn’s family, ¬†and golden crowns presented by Joe’s family. ¬†Rev. Gary explained the significance of each symbol and then offered a prayer of God’s blessing while a cross was held over the kneeling couple. ¬†Gary reminded the guests that because Joe and Evelyn were uniting in marriage, this made all of them “one family” ¬†or “una familia para este familia” or …(he apologized for not saying it in Armenian). ¬†Everyone then went into the air-conditioned ball-room for more beautiful traditions and celebrations.

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