A Conch Shell at Wedding Symbolizes Something Special

Rev. A.Mauricio sounds the “Pu”… In Hawai’i blowing the

8x10 Conch Shell
¬†¬†traditionally announces that something special is about to begin… in this case the marriage of Jessica and Nick for whom Rev. A.Mauricio was the Officiant.¬† Their wedding took place on June 22, 2013 at the Vellano Country Club in Chino Hills.


“O’pea” is the Hawaiian form of hand-fasting… the cords for binding were made with the leaves of the sacred ti plant.¬† Rev. A.Mauricio¬†recited a Hand Blessing as part of this¬†moving ritual.


Rev. A.Mauricio with the new Mr. and Mrs. ¬† In addition to the Hawaiian elements representing Jessica’s cultural roots, the “lasso (symbolizing unity)” and “arras (exchange of coins)” were incorporated into the ceremony to represent Nick’s Mexican heritage.¬† Among his areas of expertise are InterCultural¬†and InterFaith wedding ceremonies.


8x10 with Jessica & Nick
8x10 Ope'a - Hand Binding

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