Great Officiant Anthony did a 2fer in the OC this weekend

20140322 MIchelle & Michael
So, Saturday Anthony was honored to be Officiant of record for both of these fine, small weddings!

First, Michelle and Michael (Mike) in Newport Beach. What was supposed to be a 10 +/- guest event turned into 40+!! Moved from Laguna to Newport 2X!! Finally landing on the beach just off the boardwalk, we stormed the beach and formed a big semi-circle. Opened with a prayer from Michell’s father. Included a sand pouring with the Michell’s children, Andrew, Casandra and Chrissy joining in.

Then, down to Oceanside!!

20140322 Erika Ashley AVY
Another on the beach ceremony with Erika and Ashley – and their one friend/witness Noah!

Timed it so kiss happened as the sun touched the water. (watched for the green flash but no one saw it) This was a short, basic ceremony but the energy, emotion from these two ladies was amazing!

Staying in small bungalow right on the edge of the beach, rocks, they had an a amazing view of the rest of the sunset while enjoying their first married toast! (It got cold quick and windy – got back to room fast after the kiss!)

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Four Wonderful Weddings From Octavio, a Great Officiant!

Kyle & Jennifer

Kyle and Jennifer

Kyle & Jen are a spectacular couple, and the proud parents of an adorable little angel.  We met at a Starbucks so that they could get to know me a bit and decide if they wanted to book me as their Officiant.  This is something I do with most couples so they feel comfortable with who I am.

This wedding ceremony took place in a beautiful Malibu Estate!  The chairs and altar were set up poolside overlooking the ocean.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect.

I walked down the isle first and took my position.  Then Kyle came down with his Mom and his Stepmom, bridesmaids and grooms men, then the beautiful Bride with her incredibly cool dad (who I had the chance to joke around with before the wedding).

This ceremony was magical as well as everyone there!¬† It is such a gift to be able to participate in a couple’s special day.¬† Each wedding is a reminder of why I chose to become an Officiant.


Juan & Mandi

Juan and Mandi

Juan and Mandi had an Officiant already booked but unfortunately due to a last minute change, he cancelled just a few days before their wedding.  Luckily they were referred to Great Officiants who of course saved the day, as we always do, and with great pleasure!

I received a call from one of our representatives a couple of days before asking if I could officiate their wedding and my eyes lit up!¬† ‚ÄúOf course!‚ÄĚ I said.¬† Because it was so close to the wedding, we didn‚Äôt have a chance to meet in person.¬† We emailed back and forth so that I could find out what type of ceremony they wanted, etc.

The wedding took place at Orange County Mining Co., a beautiful venue located on a hill overlooking part of Orange County.  Juan and Mandi looked amazing and were so grateful that I came to officiate their wedding.  Mandi had a bun in the oven so I was super impressed with how grounded and calm she was through the entire ceremony.  Juan had the energy of an angel.  I’m truly grateful to have met them and have been a part of their wedding.

Shout out to Mandi’s mom, who was the sweetest person ever, her dad, and her stepfather!  And of course Juan’s mother, who also embraced me with her angelical energy, obviously who Juan got his from.

Julio & Ana

Julio and Ana

Julio contacted me a couple of weeks before his wedding.  We discussed some details and he decided to book me.  We didn’t meet up before the wedding because they were busy with work and all the other preparations as the couple took on the great task of planning their own wedding without a wedding planner.  Something not everyone can do but they excelled at it!

The wedding took place outside Khoury’s Restaurant in Long Beach, overlooking the ocean.  I had the pleasure of helping them with the order each would walk down the isle and where to stand, avoiding Julio from seeing Ana before the wedding.  The ceremony was in Spanish so that everyone would understand all of it.  It was a very sunny day, with no wind which made the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding.  Julio and Ana were the stars and did a wonderful job!  Needless to say they both looked stunning!

Thank you both for choosing me to be a part of one of the best days of your life!!!!!!


Julian & Iris

Julian and Iris

Julian, Iris, and I started working together via email a couple of weeks before their wedding.  We discussed all the details of what they wanted for their ceremony and everything came out spectacular.  We decided we would do the entire ceremony in Spanish.

This wedding was extra special for me.  For some reason, when I arrived to their home I felt like I was visiting my family back in Puerto Rico.  I felt very warm and welcomed.  Not to say I never have, but there was certainly something special in the air at this wedding.  The setting was beautifully done!

We started the ceremony and I could see the tears running down Iris cheeks.  Tears of joy and love.  It was such a heartfelt experience for me.  Julian was extraordinary as well.  I will never forget them.

Julian and Iris, blessings to you both and the best of luck always.  Thank you so much for giving me the gift of officiating your wedding!!!!!!

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Officiant Anthony Performs Beautiful Beach and Garden Weddings

Lots of Smiles with Farrah and Sean

On October 18th, Farrah and Sean were married at the Laguna Cliff Marriott in Dana Point. Sean had a permanent smile from the moment I arrived and never stopped!

Although he was doing fine on his own, his mother told him “Breath! Deep, in from your nose, out from your mouth!” She even¬†continued telling¬†him as Farrah was coming down the isle!

Her dress was amazing Рthe processional music had a can-can rhythm, and Farrah kicked as she walked. Her dress moved to the music producing a beautiful flowing effect.

There were lots of smiles and good laughs for the personalized promises: Farrah will go to In-N-Out and Sean will let loose on the dance floor.

The weather was wonderful, and the¬†sunset¬†made for some¬†rockin’ photos!

20131018 Farrah, Sean & AVY














Wonderful Ceremony with a Scottish Touch and Poem – James and Diana

20131013 James, Diana & AVY
On October 13th, I was privileged to be the officiant for James and Diana, whose ceremony took place at the Palisades Gazebo Park in Dana Point.

There was a lovely view of the ocean behind them along with candles, photos of loved ones near by, and a Bagpipe player in full formal Scottish dress to play the processional and recessional.

The ‘normal’ ceremony verbiage was replaced by a poem written by Diana and read by me.

The ring exchange followed the reading and then the kiss!

Untraditional I Do’s at Beautiful Traditional Wedding – Robert and Yvonne

20131012 Robert, Yvonne & AVY

On October 12, I was at the Descanso Gardens in La Canada Flintridge. This is a beautiful place, and a perfect setting for a wedding. The weather was amazing Рsunny but not to warm Рand just enough breeze without being windy.

The couple, Robert¬†and Yvonne, had a traditional, secular ceremony except for the “I Do’s” which included Robert learning to cook and turn off lights when he leaves a room, and Yvonne learning to drive a standard transmission car and getting up at 4:30 am to watch Formula 1 with Robert. Their guests appreciated the humor with long, loud laughs and even some applause.

Nervous Groom Cracks Up Bride – Chris and Mellisa

20131005 Chris, Mellissa & AVY
On October 5th I was privileged to be the officiant for Chris and Mellisa at the Los Verdes Golf Club.  It was a warm, bright, and lovely day.

The couple are fantastic people!! Light, fun loving, and surrounded with like-minded folks. The groom was one of the most animated nervous I’ve ever seen! He could not stand still nor stop talking! His bride was beautiful and had the most delightful look on her face and in her eyes, except of course when see was laughing at something Chris said!

There were twice as many groomsmen as brides maids. The live music, keyboard, and guitar with an additional singer were great! They included a sand ceremony set up under a hoopa.

Fun Backyard Wedding Over-looking Sunset on the Beach

20130928 Amanda, Chris & AVY

On September 28th, at 5:00 pm, I performed a beautiful¬†event that took place in a back yard over looking the beach from the edge of a cliff at San Clemente’s Riviera District.

The groom’s son was his best man, and the bride’s daughters were her court.

Having not seen each other the entire day, the moment the groom saw his bride in her dress was emotional for them both. Her brother was her escort and gave her away.

They incorporated several things into the ceremony to show their sense of humor. The ceremony was very funny, and the guests loved it!

Sometimes the Ocean is All You Need – Shawn and Leslie

20130928 Shawn, Leslie & AVY 2

This fine event was in Oceanside, in the backyard of a house that ends ON THE SAND!

Thirty or so chairs were set up facing the ocean. There was¬†no arch or¬†flowers, but just the big ol’ lovely ocean behind the couple.

Shawn and Leslie had a small wedding party of family. It was a fun, light ceremony – just what the couple asked for.

There were a good number of people on the beach and many took to watching and even clapping when the couple kissed!


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