The Gorgeous Vistas of Roessler Point


Janet Reveles and Luis Morales were married in a gazebo at Roessler Point with a gorgeous vista from the cliffs of Palos Verdes. ┬áNot only did Great Officiants recommend to them this venue, they also recommended the ministry of Rev. Dr. Gary Barmore to plan with them and preside at their wedding. ┬áThe nuptials were scheduled for sunset at 7:30. ┬áWhen it was 7:15 about twenty guests were present, but one or two had not arrived. ┬áThen another wedding group of ten showed up and their officiant asked if they could enter the gazebo for a “7 minute ceremony.” ┬áLuis and Janet — gracious all the way — said to go ahead. ┬á Then at 7:28 Rev Gary and the groom and immediate family entered the gazebo to commence the wedding event for this lovely couple. ┬áThe bride’s father escorted her in just after the red-tinged sun had dropped out of sight in the west. ┬áKnowing the disappointment that might be there, Rev Gary said, “Luis and Evelyn, the sun on your wedding day has just set, but sunrise tomorrow will proclaim the oneness of the rest of your life on which will shine the blessings of God.”

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