Susie and Shaun get married at the Plaza de Magdalena in San Juan Capistrano

Plaza de Magdalena in San Juan Capistrano provided a cozy setting — out of the brisk winter weather — for the guests of Susie Chang and Shaun Wilson.  The wedding ceremony reflected their deep respect and love for the gathered family and friends, who in return, showered their affirmation upon the couple when Rev. Gary Barmore asked the guests, “Do you promise to be loving and supportive, caring and encouraging of these two this day and for all the days and years to come? If so, signify by saying WE WILL.”   The ceremony included laughter, tears, promises and love, unfolding just as Gary — of Great Officiants — planned with Shaun and Susie when they met in his home.  On 01/15/2018 the couple will open the sealed Wine Box, read personal notes composed on their wedding day, recall all that has taken place, and celebrate all this is yet to come.

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