Peter & Karissa got hitched at Hotel Maya in Long Beach, one of my favorite venues #spindoza2016


Awesome awesome awesome couple!!! They were so funny from the minute we met. I was entertained by their wit all the way!

Peter & Karissa got hitched at Hotel Maya in Long Beach, one of my favorite venues. From the staff, to the scenic  backdrops the location provides, this place is excellent for weddings and events.

We did a fully bilingual wedding ceremony. I had Karissa do her vows, I do’s, and ring exchange in Spanish and Peter’s in English. When my couples are able to do this it makes the ceremony more balanced, not having more English than Spanish or vice versa.

We also performed the Lasso and Coin ceremonies, a.k.a. Lazo y Arras. We also, to keep the ceremony well balanced, did the coin ceremony in Spanish and the Lasso ceremony in English.

You know you’ve reached a certain level of expertise when one of my groomsmen was also a groomsman at a wedding I officiated a year before! And we were both so happy to be able to do this once again!!!

For more pictures of this beautiful wedding you may search #spindoza2016 on Instagram!


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