This couple rented an Airbnb in this cool little castle looking structure off of Latigo Canyon and Alan performed their wedding at an overlook nearby

Traveling from out of state, this couple rented an Airbnb in the Malibu Hills to stay. They stayed in this cool little castle looking structure off of Latigo Canyon. While exploring the area they discover this wonderful lookout about three quarters of a mile up the hill from where they were staying. They decided that was where they were going to do the ceremony. I wish they had told me because I was wearing my loafers which are not proper shoes for hiking.

Once on top of the hill and after I caught my breath I performed a simple yet meaningful ceremony for them.

I took this really cool 360° video of them kissing and pictures of the surrounding area. It was not only a great experience for them but a treat for me. Anytime I can do a wedding outside the norm I am a happy boy.

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