Gondola wedding

Roger had the honor of marrying Andrew & Janet on the water at the amazing Gondola Getaways in Long Beach

Roger had the honor of marrying Andrew & Janet this last weekend at a wedding venue that was a bit different than your regular wedding venue………. On the water !!  And when Roger says on the water, he truly means it !  It was at the amazing Gondola Getaways in Long Beach.  Truly an amazing, romantic ride in the Long Beach harbor for any occasion but this was extra special because Andrew and Janet were getting married on the Gondola !  And it was actually two gondolas !  They had charted the two largest gondolas, the Carolinas that held a dozen or so people each.  So after a short boat ride thru the harbor, our oarsmen found the perfect place to conduct the ceremony and it was game on !  While the two boats floated side by side; one boat for Roger, the bride and groom and the bridal party and the other boat for guests, Roger and Andrew & Janet stood and Roger married them !  It was incredibly romantic, fun and mother nature came thru with warm weather and blue skies !  It truly was the Love Boat !

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