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    Notable Review
    Rafa R.: "He remained in you touch with us and everything was executed perfectly. He was perfect for our bilingual family and incredibly professional. We would recommend Great Officiants for anyone looking to get married."
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Our Bi-Lingual Officiants can do ceremonies in Spanish, English, Chinese, Hindi, and Sanskrit.

They can make the ceremony either religious or non-religious.

They will customize the ceremony to be just as you want it to be.



English and Spanish

Favorite Quote: “What goes up must come down"

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry Sunday

Soundtrack to your life: Help

Favorite Disney Movie: 101 Dalmations

Favorite Event Memory:  At the end of the wedding when I was getting ready to tell the groom to kiss his wife, she jumped in, grabbed the mic and said "now it's my turn to kiss my beautiful husband"

Your Nickname: Bebo

Jairo is a Bilingual Ordained Non-Denominational Minister. I create and perform joyful and meaningful non-denominational, inter-faith and civil wedding ceremonies in Orange and in San Diego counties. I also speak Spanish fluently and I am available to officiate Spanish and bilingual wedding ceremonies.

El Rev. Jairo es bilingüe. Jairo celebra bodas civiles y sin denominación religiosa en español y también bilingües. El les ayuda a preparar una ceremonia que refleje su felicidad y su amor mutuo. Yo creo que cada pareja debe tener su ceremonia individual en la cual se distingan su forma de ser y sus sentimientos. Durante el proceso de la ceremonia tomo en cuenta sus personalidades para diseñar la ceremonia apropiada en la cual demuestran sus características. Yo también les proveo la información requerida para obtener la licencia de matrimonio. Mi meta es que este día sea un día inolvidable y el más feliz de sus vidas

Jairo Is based in South Orange County and travels to LA, OC and San Diego.



English and Spanish

Favorite Quote: “The secret to having it all is knowing you already do"

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Rocky Road

Soundtrack to your life: Unwritten  -Natasha Bedingfield

Favorite Disney Movie: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Favorite Event Memory:  Performing a ceremony while the bride was in labor

Your Nickname: Ocho.

Hi My name is Octavio. My goal and focus is to create an atmosphere of love, regardless of your religion, beliefs or orientation. You are getting married because you love one another and that is what your wedding should be all about.  I am committed to designing a ceremony that will capture your hearts and create an joyful memory.

Brace yourselves for the most special day of your lives.  I will work to make your Wedding Ceremony a wonderful reflection of your desires. I will officiate your ceremony with a loving heart.

I have 28 years of theatre and television experience I am fully capable of designing a ceremony that shows off your love story and allow you and your guest to be a part of the experience.

"Hola mi nombre es Octavio. Mi meta y enfoque principal es crear una atmósfera de amor. Independientemente de su religión, creencias, y orientación. Ustedes se van a casar porque se aman y 

eso es de lo que se debe tratar su boda. Estoy comprometido a diseñar una ceremonia que capturará sus corazones y a crear un recuerdo especial y lleno de alegría que recordarán para siempre.

Prepárense para el día más hermoso y especial de sus vidas. Trabajaré para hacer la ceremonia de su boda un reflejo de sus deseos y lo haré con el corazón lleno de amor.

Tengo 28 años de experiencia en Teatro y Televisión lo cual me facilita poder llevar a cabo una ceremonia que presentará la historia de su amor y relación, e incluiré a sus seres queridos como parte de tal experiencia."

Octavio is based in Los Angeles and travels all over So Cal.



Favorite Quote: “Some people cause happiness wherever they go, others cause happiness whenever they go.” —Oscar Wilde

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Coconut

Soundtrack to your life: Let it be  -The Beatles

Favorite Disney Movie: Fantasia

Favorite Event Memory:  Jackie (bride) emotionally overwhelmed by the fact that Adam (groom) had memorized his vows.

Your Nickname: Rock

Father Geoffrey Farrow was born in the city of Camaguey in Cuba. He received a Master of Divinity degree from St. John's Seminary in 1985 and was ordained a Catholic priest. He served as pastor of several different churches throughout California.

He is bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English fluently, and is perfect for performing a traditional full Catholic Mass Style Wedding or any other type of wedding.

Father Geoff is located in the San Fernando Valley and travels throughout So Cal.



Cantonese, Mandarin, & English

Richard & Phyllis are ordained non-denominational wedding officiants.  This husband and wife team has been serving the wedding industry since 1994.  Richard is bi-lingual in Cantonese & English while Phyllis is fluent in both Mandarin and English.  

Richard & Phyllis will work with you to create a wedding that is perfect and personal for you.  With their multi-cultural backgrounds, they will design a ceremony integrating eastern and western cultures creating a memorable ceremony for all of the guests attending. 



憑藉Richard  和Phyllis多元文化背景以及多年的經驗, 他們能為您設計一個東西文化合併及難忘的婚禮儀式,讓所有的出席嘉賓都能感受到新人的喜氣與幸福。Richard和Phyllis將是您創造完美婚禮的最佳拍檔。他們也能擔任您婚宴的雙語主持人。

Richard & Phyllis are located in the San Gabriel Valley and travel throughout So Cal.



Sanskrit, Hindi, & English

Favorite Quote: “Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired” —Robert Frost

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Rainbow Sherbert

Soundtrack to your life: Don't Stop Believin'  -Journey

Favorite Disney Movie: Star Wars

Favorite Event Memory:  A wedding with an incredible 20 person bridal party, which I helped rehearse the day before.

Your Nickname: Mamoo

Namaste! My name is Suvin, and I provide a unique and loving experience. I specialize in providing Hindu style ceremonies. Whether you are looking for a full traditional, or a more modern version, I am more than happy to perform.

The ceremonies I perform are personalized and meaningful. The ceremonies will incorporate traditional values, but still be modern enough to keep everyone entertained.

As a writer, I am able to weave your beautiful and unique love story into the ceremony of your dreams! I am happy to perform any type of ceremony. I am based in the Tustin/Santa Area of Orange County and I travel anywhere in Los Angeles and Orange County.

नमस्ते ! मेरा नाम Suvin है , और मैं एक अद्वितीय और प्यार का अनुभव प्रदान करते हैं। मैं हिंदू शैली शादी प्रदान करने में विशेषज्ञ । आप पारंपरिक एक पूर्ण, या एक और अधिक आधुनिक संस्करण के लिए देख रहे हैं, मुझे लगता है कि प्रदर्शन करने के लिए खुश हूँ। शादियों के व्यक्तिगत और सार्थक कर रहे हैं । समारोह के परंपरागत मूल्यों को शामिल है, लेकिन अभी भी सभी का मनोरंजन रखने के लिए पर्याप्त आधुनिक किया जाएगा।


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