Rabbi Ian

rabbi ian

Are you looking for a truly Rabbiesque Rabbi? Then you want one of the other handsome, gifted and venerably respected Rabbis here on Great Officiants. However, if they are all unavailable, and you have a great sense of humor, ask Alan to put us in touch.

Over 1,000 Jewish and Interfaith families have trusted me to create a spiritually harmonious and balanced ceremony where everyone, friends and family, feels connected and welcome.

What you'll get is a unique and customized wedding ceremony. And rest assured that I can dial up or down the humor and the religious stuff to suit your tastes. This way you'll get a ceremony which touches your heart and soul, makes you smile, makes you laugh and makes you cry with tears of emotional heartfelt happiness (OMG! Way too schmaltzy so I'll stop now).

Fun Facts

Favorite Quote: "bleepity bleep" Four weddings and a Funeral
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: BMarmite
Soundtrack to your life: Laughing Gnome - David Bowie
Favorite Disney Movie: Deadpool
Favorite Event Memory: Meeting my wife.
Your Nickname: Fabio