Alan Katz

alan katz cosplayKnown as the Themed Wedding and Cosplay Wedding master.

Choose Star Wars, Dr Who, Harry Potter, I Princess Bride, Superhero, Disney, Steampunk, Elvis, Holiday Characters and More.

You name the theme and I can do it. I know a am total geek but I love doing offbeat weddings.

Every time a couple allows Me to be creative I revert back to my theatrical roots and write, design, and perform the coolest ceremony in full character with appropriate accents and wording.vaxed

In addition to doing weddings I also own a Singing Telegram and Celebrity Impersonator Company where I do 50 different charters. I bring this knowledge to design the most amazing, legendary weddings. My years of experience have made me a well know Wedding Industry Influencer.


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Rev Mckay



I joined Great Officiants in 2015, but I’ve been writing, directing, producing, and performing films and interactive theatre for over 20 years, customizing every performance, with over 1000 events as Host, EmCee, or Auctioneer.

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clifford cosplay


Clifford is an ordained non-denominational Minister/Officiant and popular host for Hobbit fans around the world. With his resonant, emotive baritone and playful wit, Clifford has officiated weddings for several years.

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