Alan Katz


Custom Ceremonies Starting at $495

Alan is known as the Best Officiant in the Wedding industry. His training on and off screen makes him the perfect mix of Performer and  Officiant or like Joey from the TV show Friends calls it a “Ministainer”. He is a well know Wedding Industry Influencer.

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Clint Hufft


Custom Ceremonies Starting at $999

Reverend Clint Hufft began officiating wedding ceremonies in 1995.

Each ceremony is unique because the couple is "hands on" during the entire ceremony creation process.  Every detail connected to the ceremony is addressed.

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Custom Ceremonies Starting at $495

This affable, energetic comic was a regular on the entertainment show TMZ. She has also starred opposite Meryl Streep in the film The Manchurian Candidate, and she has appeared in a variety of televison roles (24, Touch, Law & Order).

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Custom Ceremonies Starting at $495

Not a lot of people believe in love more than Octavio does. And not many are living proof that real love will endure the test of time and all obstacles.

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Custom Ceremonies Starting at $495

Rev. David Pires is best known for his 26 year recurring role on “General Hospital” as well as over 30 appearances on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” Since starring in "Zoo Radio", directed by Jay Roach, David Pires has become a formidable force in movies, television, commercials, and cartoons.

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