Parish Priests

parish priest


If one of our regular Former Catholic Priests are unavailable. we have a network of amazing Parish Priests we refer who would be excited to design and perform your wedding ceremony with all the Catholic Traditions you desire. They can do it at any location and will work with you to design the appropriate content based on your belief.

What’s great about this network of Professional Parish Priests is that they are not bound by the rules of the Roman Catholic Church and are open to your suggestions and desire to prepare a ceremony that is both inspirational, authentic and spiritual.

As former Roman Catholic Priests they give you and your guests the feel of the traditional service that they are used to seeing.

The best part is there is No Classes, No Outings No Lectures. You Don’t have to have your confirmation or any paperwork from the Church. Both don’t need to be Catholic. You just must have the desire to be married and work with the Parish Priest together to meet and design your ceremony together.