Hi My name is Octavio. If you are looking for a bilingual or spanish wedding ceremony then please check me out.  My goal and focus is to create an atmosphere of love, regardless of your religion, beliefs or orientation.

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Jairo is a Bilingual Ordained Non-Denominational Minister. I create and perform joyful and meaningful non-denominational, inter-faith and civil wedding ceremonies in Orange and in San Diego counties. I also speak Spanish fluently and I am available to officiate Spanish and bilingual wedding ceremonies.

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Father Geoff


Father Geoff is a bilingual former Catholic Priest. He loves to work with couples who have needs for Spanish to be incorporated into the wedding. Either full Spanish or Bilingual.

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suvin hindu

Namaste! My name is Suvin, and I provide a unique and loving experience. I specialize in providing Hindu style and fusion ceremonies. Whether you are looking for a full traditional, or a more modern version, I am more than happy to perform.

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Al-x is one of our Bilingual officiants who speaks Japanese, Tagalog and English. Her low key approach makes it a simple process.

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Richard & Phyllis

richard and Phillis

Richard & Phyllis are ordained non-denominational wedding officiants. This husband and wife team has been serving the wedding industry since 1994. Richard is bi-lingual in Cantonese & English while Phyllis is fluent in both Mandarin and English.

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