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    M.: "Great Officiants truly live up to their name! My fiancee and I needed to get married quickly, as we were being called out of town for 3 months and wanted to have paperwork in hand before we traveled. They were able to meet us THE SAME DAY we called! It was so wonderful, and they made our last-minute wedding feel truly planned."                                               source: YAHOO


today.jpgCan't wait to marry your Sweetheart? Want to elope?

If you want to get MARRIED TODAY..... we can Help.


We are available 24/7 to perform your Wedding (by appointment).

We are world famous for performing Same Day Wedding Ceremonies.


Simply walk in to our office and we issue you a Marriage License. Next, we go in to the Wedding Chapel and a couple of " I Do's" later, you are officially hitched!

Walk in Single.......Walk out Married

Just the 2 of you or up to 30 of your Friends and Family.

NO Blood Test - No Witnesses Required

We provide a simple, low-cost, and fun alternative to the County Clerks Office.


There is NO residence or citizenship status requirement. You do not need to live in either Los Angeles County, California, or the United States to qualify for the confidential marriage license. Anyone from any country can get married in California as long as the legal requirements are met and they have the proper ID.

Just bring it in to us or we will come to you and we will sign it instantly!

We are Authorized Agents of Los Angeles County and are able to issue Confidential Marriage Licenses.
We can issue you a Marriage License instantly and perform the Wedding Ceremony at the same time.

We can come to YOU at any location in So Cal or You can come to Our Wedding Chapel in Long Beach and we can perform your ceremony instantly.

Apply ONLINE HERE for your Marriage License  Marriage Licenses.

Wathch this video about our Cute Little Chapel then continue reading below.


All couples that want to get a Confidential Marriage License must state that they are living together (the definition of living together is very vague).

The ceremony must take place within California.

Both parties must be present together and produce "Proof of Identity"- a government issued picture ID such as a Driver's License, ID Card, Passport, Green Card or Military ID.

Photo and age verification is mandatory (by way of your ID- any of the above work). Ask us if you have something different. Dissolution documents are required if marriage ended within the last 2 years. All documents must be in English. Documents in any other language must be submitted with an English translation by a certified translator. For Foreign Citizens, a passport is required.If the document is expired, it will not be accepted.

Both parties MUST be over 18.

Parties must be unmarried. A previous marriage is valid until the final date of dissolution. Written proof of a divorce or the dissolution of a previous marriage is required, if the event occurred within the last two years. If the final dissolution was more than two years, written proof may not be required, but the date of the final dissolution must be provided at the same time the license is requested.

Parties who have entered into a State Register Domestic Partnership must provide proof of termination, if the termination occurred within the last two years or less. If the termination was more than two years, written proof may not be required, but the date of the termination must be provided at the same time the license is requested.

Proxy marriages are not legal.

A blood test or health certificate are NOT required to obtain a marriage license.


We can perform your ceremony 24 hours a day 7 days A week. In our Office/Chapel in Long Beach location we have ceremony packages from $209 to $409 (Sat & Sun available for additional $50 on the $209 package), or go to your location from $225 to $475.

Additional fees for travel and other Ceremony Packages may apply.

We can issue you a confidential license in our Office/Chapel in Long Beach for $155.

We can travel to your location and issue you a license starting at $225. Price depends on time, day and travel to location call for quote.

You can have anyone who is a legally authorized Wedding Officiant perform your Wedding Ceremony as long as it takes place in California


We can perform your Wedding Ceremony 24 hours a day 7 days. License and Ceremony packages start at $299* in our Chapel and at any location from $450.

Additional fees for extended travel may apply.
If you want to order the certified copies mailed to you...Each copy is $15 

*plus a $30 notary for license. 

We can only issue confidential marriage licenses for ceremonies taking place in California.

If you would like to get married outside of California or prefer a public license, we can walk you through the process.

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