Rain On Your Wedding Day Is Good Luck….. During the Wedding….not so much !

Haoming & Jennifer 


Roger officiated a beautiful wedding for Haoming & Jennifer at the La Venta Inn in Palos Verdes this last Saturday and although it was very overcast, everybody believed that we wouldn’t get rain for this outside wedding because seriously……rain in July during a 14 year drought? No way !  


Well in the middle of this amazing, touching wedding, just as they were reciting their vows to each other, down came the rain….hard…. Everybody froze.  The bride and groom turned to Roger with the look, should we stop?  Roger looked right back at them and whispered, “heck no!”  So the bride, groom, Roger and the entire wedding party and guests stayed right there in the rain and not two minutes later, it stopped and the sun came out.  

It was a one of a kind wedding and the bride & groom were so thankful that Roger made the call to continue….. like Roger just knew that it would stop raining and all would be okay!!!


From Beach to State Park, Great Officiant Michael Thieling has Fun while Performing Weddings

Marisa & Victor

Married on the Santa Monica Beach on July 12, 2014

marisa and victor_2

Marisa and Victor were a ball to work with – they wanted to laugh and have a fun ceremony on the beach in Santa Monica surrounded by family and friends with no stress.  Although Victor was still on base as a submariner, I got to meet with Marisa and her family prior to the ceremony to learn all about them and craft the perfect ceremony. Great Officiants issued them a confidential marriage license and they were ready to go!

On the day of their ceremony, our beach team did a full setup down the street from the Santa Monica Pier.  I got to tell their love story and did a quick salute to our troops for Victor and many of their guests who were also military.

They read personal vows that they wrote to each other and closed out their ceremony with a lovely Sand Ceremony.  Marisa happens to be a twin, and we’ve already talked about me performing her sister’s wedding someday.

It was my pleasure now and will be then – all my best!


Ashley & Jacob

Married at California Citrus State Historic Park -in Riverside on July 12, 2014

Ashley and Jacob_2

Ashley and Jacob wanted a simple, straightforward ceremony surrounded by their family and friends and I loved performing it for them!  Another of our out-of-state couples, we did all of their ceremony planning via Skype so that I could make sure they got exactly what they wanted.




The Sun Shone for Octavio’s Wedding in Villa del Sol!

Carlos and Johana

Carlos and Johana

Carlos and Johana’s wedding took place at Villa del Sol in Fullerton. It is a beautiful place and was decorated exquisitely! 

They wrote their own vows, which I’m such a fan of, and it was so emotional. 

Carlos & Johana, it was about time you got married! I couldn’t be happier and honored to have officiated your wedding ceremony! I wish you all the blessings in the World!

Italian Inspired Chino Backyard Wedding-Officiated by Frank!

Erin & Dustin

erin & dustin_2

Congratulations to Erin Shaw & Dustin Lane on their July 19, 2014 wedding in Chino, CA.  The weather was great in the beautiful backyard setting.  Everything went off without a hitch.  Pizza ovens were fired up as guests were anticipating that great pizza imported from Italy (so I was told).  I was hoping to remain long enough to satisfy my craving, but a good thing takes time! 

Great Officiant Michael Has Been Popular this Wedding Season!!

Great Officiant Michael is always very sought out after! Here are some of his weddings highlighting ceremonies in Los Angeles and Orange County. Congratulations on being such a wonderful Officiant!

David & Jessica

Married at Pickwick Gardens in Burbank, CA On June 11,2014

David and Jessica

David and Jessica were such a lovely couple to work!  I had the honor of telling their love story to their family and friends and closing out their wedding with a traditional Jewish Glass Breaking. They also chose to both repeat vows after me and write further personal notes to each other – something I’m noticing a lot of couples starting to do now, allowing for both a sense of tradition and personalization.


I was overjoyed to be a part of their ceremony and wish them all my best.

Karen & Jeremy

Married at Ramsey’s at The Club- Los Angeles on June 14, 2014

kevin and jeannette_2

Karen and Jeremy were a dream couple to work with.  We met a couple months prior to their ceremony over sushi to get to know each other and put together a ceremony including exactly what they wanted.  On the day-of, right before the ceremony, I was joking with the best man that when I ask him for the rings he should throw them at me as hard as he can and we’ll just see what happens.  Well during the ceremony he took the opportunity to get me back.  Unbeknownst to me, when I asked for the rings he instead took out a quarter and threw it at me!  I was shocked thinking he actually threw the rings and everyone in attendance broke out in a huge round of laughter.

At the end of their ceremony, Karen and Jeremy saluted each other with a special toast – a tradition that they have between the two of them – a perfect way to end a perfect ceremony.

Afterwards, they were so kind to leave the following review for us:

“Our Officiant was Michael Thieling. Our actual ceremony was short and sweet but thanks to Michael very memorable. One of the most heard comments from our guests was regarding how great our Officiant was and we couldn’t agree more. Thank you Michael for helping to make our wedding such a wonderful event for us and our guests!”

Thank you both for the memories and a ceremony moment I’ll never forget!!!

John and Marla

john and marla_2

John and Marla got married in a small, intimate ceremony surrounded by family at the quaint Blue Lantern Inn in Dana Point.  When I first met them a few months prior to their ceremony, we gathered at the venue to discuss their ceremony and I was able to make some suggestions to change the actual ceremony location within the venue to allow for better pictures and a more open experience.

They capped their ceremony off with a Love Letter and Wine Box ceremony and after their nuptials they were off to celebrate with a family dinner next door.

All our best John and Marla!


Jamie and Wade

photo 1

Jamie and Wade were a dream couple to work with.  Since they were coming from Florida, we did all of their ceremony planning over the phone – something I’m very used to doing with the many out-of-state couples that we have the pleasure of working with.

The Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach provided an amazing venue for their wedding – big enough for their many guests but extremely private and intimate so that you felt like no one else was there except for the wedding guests.  We performed a short acknowledgement of family for some of their loved ones who had passed and had a guest recite First Corinthians. After they exchanged rings, Jamie and Wade performed a lovely Unity Candle ceremony with a customized candle.

photo 2

After the ceremony, they had the following to say:

“Great Officiant!!! Michael Thieling was our Officiant for our ceremony. He exceeded our expectations!! From the first conversation we had, he made me feel very at ease and seemed to get the couple that my husband and I are right from the start. He had great contact leading up to our wedding and was a complete pleasure to work with. Also, he added a bit of light heartedness to the ceremony when he knew it could be used, which is what made our wedding simply epic!!!!

Thank you, Michael!!!!”

Thank you so much Jamie and Wade – it was my pleasure!

Great Officiant Michael’s Rancho Cordillera Del Norte Wedding- With Photo Bomber!

Patty & Ray

patricia and ray_2

Married at Rancho Cordillera Del Norte- Northridge on June 21, 2014

Patty and Ray had a unique, first-time-for-me, request – could I do some of their ceremony in both English and Spanish?  You bet I can!

They chose a few sections of their ceremony that they wanted to be bi-lingual and I was happy to oblige, speaking first in English and then repeating that section again in Spanish.  We had a great time crafting their ceremony with many unique elements – their customized love story, a Lasso ceremony which we combined with a Hand Blessing, and finally and exchange of Arras or coins.

They topped it off with their son, Little Ray, delivering the wedding rings secret agent style in a metallic case he was protecting.

Thank you so much Patty and Ray – it was a blast and an honor!

Beautiful Outdoor Ceremony! Congratulations Carrie and Russ!

Carrie and Russ were married in the shade (luckily for us) of the scenic rose garden of the Hyatt in Valencia.  We had their friends and family participate in a Ring Warming ceremony and they entered into wedlock to the applause of their loved ones.


Congratulations Carrie and Russ!!!