Halloween themed wedding with a hillbilly minister and 80s music inspired ceremony.

My Wedding today they love 80s music so I wrote this for them just now using titles from hits from the 80s.
Read them below this quick video.

You are getting married today and as far as you are concerned, it’s the End of the World as We Know It.
You have been going thru life Livin’ on a Prayer but then One Thing Leads to Another so you figured Might as well Jump
And you met Marcelina. You were Too Shy shy and she said Walk This Way and she was Like a Virgin and you knew that Girls Just Want to Have Fun and you were Hungry Like the Wolf so you thought Welcome to the Jungle.
Relationships are not always easy because Every Rose Has It’s Thorn, Love is a Battlefield, you feel Under Pressure because you don’t want Tainted Love and you say Do You Really Want to Hurt Me and Don’t You Want Me Baby? Because With Or Without You I am gonna Beat It, Bust a Move and Whip It good.
You think We’re Not Gonna Take It, and you need to Fight For Your Right to party.
But then You Shook Me All Night Long and Time After Time I just Can’t Get Enough.
As your relationship progressed you thought I Want to Know What Love Is and that you are a Super Freak and Addicted to Love.
Because of your IBS you tell your partner Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
When you settle into your Love Shack he is going to be Keep On Loving You
And she is Walking On Sunshine.
Remember, Don’t Stop Believing and Every Breath You Take, every move you make, any vow you break I’ll be watching you.
Everybody Have Fun Tonight and everybody wang chung tonight because it’s a nice day for a White Wedding.




Frank performs two ceremonies, one of them a baby shower turned surprise wedding ceremony

Congratulations to Gertrudes “Precy” Johnson & Tim Mousseau on their October 18, 2014 wedding at the Embassy Suites in Brea, CA.  Is was a beautiful indoor intimate afternoon ceremony in the atrium of the hotel, with just the right touches!

Precy & Tim M. - 10.18.14


Double congratulations are in order for Tricia Burch & Michael Bryden on their October 18, 2014 Baby Shower turned “surprise” wedding in Placentia, CA.  Guests attended Tricia’s baby shower, only to be shown a video halfway through the shower, inviting them to the patio area to witness their unannounced wedding ceremony.  The short but meaningful outdoor ceremony followed as soon as the guests caught their breath!

Tricia & Michael B. - 10.18.14

Octavio has a bilingual Catholic ceremony at the quiet cannon

Fernando & Veronica's wedding took place at Quiet Cannon in Montebello. This is a great venue because you can have an outdoor ceremony in a beautiful setting and an indoor reception so you and you guests are not hot throughout the day. 


Their ceremony was catholic and bilingual. The couple also asked me to incorporate the Lasso ritual which was draped over their shoulders by Veronica's aunt and grandmother. 


Her bridesmaids were wearing long black dresses with red high heels which was very dramatic and they all looked absolutely gorgeous. This is not the most common combination for weddings but in my opinion it really looks great!


Fernando and Veronica, thank you for giving me the opportunity to officiate your wedding! I'm truly blessed and wish you both all the blessings in the World!


Ashley and Michael’s Country Style Wedding Ceremony in Aliso Viejo

Ashley and Michael really went all out. I only caught a glimpse of all the cool stuff they did. Every corner of their reciption site at Aliso Viejo Country Club was filled with country style elements. Here they are with their son Brody.


I made this nice video slide show of this couple and their venue.

Santa Monica beach wedding ceremony celebration for 2 happy brides

Sophie and Savannah and their family and friends trekked out from Arizona to the sandy shores of Santa Monica.

Knowing that they can get legally married here they made their plan several weeks ago however this day same-sex marriage became legal in Arizona.

So it was doubly wonderful for them because when they return home their marriage will be recognized.

At one point in the ceremony a helicopter passed over.
I told them that from this point on every time a helicopter passed over them they should give each other a kiss.

And then as soon as I pronounce them wives 4 helicopters passed over in unison. It was so cool they kept kissing and kissing!



Frank has a double

Congratulations to Gena Soto & Candice Villarreal on their October 10, 2014 wedding at the Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula, CA.  It was a beautiful evening, although we started a little after sundown and didn’t have much light.  However, the couple lite up the area with the glow of happiness and smiles that were radiating from their faces!

Gena & Candice V. - 10.10.14

Congratulations to Lenore Strum & James Skydell on their October 12, 2014 wedding at the Il Ceilo restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA.  It was a small intimate ceremony in the courtyard of the beautiful award-winning Beverly Hills restaurant.  Although the ceremony was a short ceremony, it wasn’t short on “classiness!”

Lenore & Jim S. - 10.11.14

A Wonderful Ceremony on the beach

Alan Katz is at it again! He performs a beautiful wedding on the beach on a sunny October weekend. With a live band, it was the perfect day for a ceremony. Our beach coordinator made a beautiful set up with flowers and archway. With a sand ceremony to top it all off, it was a beautiful wedding. Here is what the lovely couple had to say about it:


Once again, Raul and I would like to say thank you for our gorgeous beach wedding. Everything was perfect. Alan, I really enjoyed the ceremony it had a perfect touch of humor and religion. Beth, the flowers and set was beautiful.


Thank you!


Dennise and Raul