Officiant Greg had the distinct honor of marrying Eric and Lauren at the exclusive and beautiful Hotel Bel Air on Sunday, March 15, 2015

Officiant Greg had the distinct honor of marrying Eric and Lauren Schaffer at the exclusive and beautiful Hotel Bel Air on Sunday, March 15, 2015.

What a fabulous venue for a wedding!  The gardens, flowers, flora and fauna are spectacular.  The gazebo, adjacent to the pond (with real swans!) was just wonderful. It is a "lifestyle of the rich and famous" venue!  The weather was extraordinary but a bit warm, especially for a California winter.

Lauren's wedding dress was very elegant and she looked stunning.  Eric's was quite handsome and his tuxedo was sharp in a very traditional style.  

Greg preformed the Catholic Light ceremony for Lauren and Eric, customized for their special day. It was formal, but warm, loving and just a little bit funny.  Many of Lauren and Eric's family and guests commented on how much they enjoyed the ceremony.

All of us at Great Officiants congratulate Lauren and Eric and wish them much love and happiness in their future together. 


Magical Harry Potter themed wedding at the Victorian in Santa Monica.

When Carol and Clint told me about their ideas for their wedding I was all over it. They wanted to do a wedding with some Harry Potter elements in it. They obtained an official Harry Potter wand which I waved over their hands as part of the ceremony. Instead of your traditional unity candle they did a unity lantern. While none of them were dressed up they did have some flair. Each gentleman or a badge from Hogwarts. 

I told them that I would dress up just a bit to bring a little bit of the magic feeling to the occasion. They were very happy I did but then how could I not dress up because that’s what I do. I added my own special twists and created something that they will never forget.



A Vow Renewal at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles

Mike & Diana are an amazing couple!!! They were already married when they contacted Great Officiants looking for a bilingual officiant. Not only were they married but they had had several weddings! Yes that's right, Mike and Diana are so in love with each other that they told me they want to continue having weddings because they just love getting married to one another!

In the way they look into each others eyes you can just see how special and rare their love this!

This particular wedding was at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown LA inside the Emerald room. As you can see from the pictures this was literally a dream wedding! I had never seen anything quite like it in my officiating years! Everything was just breathtakingly gorgeous!

Mike and Diana I will continue to tell your love story for years to come! You guys are an exemplary couple and I fell in love with you from the moment you told me your story!

I wish you both all the blessings in the world and would love to officiate your next weddings!


A wedding tale of ducks and dogs

This afternoon I had the opportunity to do two wonderful weddings. 

Aislynn and Jeffrey chose to get married by the duck pond in El Dorado park in Long Beach. Joined by their grandmother and the photographer They exchanged their vows surrounded by ducks and other water fouls. 

Then 2 miles away…….

Andrew and Joel exchange their vows in their living room. They had two black labs, one with a bowtie and one with a veil as their wedding party along with 2 friends who watched the festivities. 

They were two very different couples but they had one thing in common: their love for each other. 


Kermit Objected Loudly To This Wedding…….

This last weekend Roger married Michael & Connie at the amazing Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, one of Roger’s favorite wedding venues. The wedding area that Michael and Connie chose to get married at was the Redwood Room. The ceremony is held directly next to the reception area in front of a beautiful waterfall and pond. And this particular day, one uninvited guest decided to offer his two cents about this wedding and wasn’t shy about doing it….. Right at the beginning of the ceremony, just when Roger began to recite this couple’s love story, suddenly and without warning, one very loud bullfrog somewhere behind the bridal party started to croak……and croak….. and croak some more!! Every time Roger would start a sentence, this frog would do his thing. Roger would even hesitate to allow the bullfrog his moment, but it seemed that he only croaked when Roger started to talk! You could begin to hear the giggles in the crowd each time this bullfrog sounded off. Roger did his best to keep a semblance of order, but this frog wanted his moment in the spotlight and he certainly got it! It actually turned out to be a great story for the bride and groom and all their guests to tell…. The day Kermit crashed their wedding!!


Beautiful Outdoor, Seaside Ceremony at Redondo Beach Historic Library

The beautiful seaside view from the Redondo Beach Historic Library was the setting for the nuptials of Mary & Matthew. The wedding, which had been planned for indoors, had to be moved outside due to a larger than expected crowd, and the unity candle ceremony was replaced with a sand blending ceremony! A lovely, if cool and windy time was had by all! 

~~ Ralph 


A Warm Day for A Warm Hearted Couple at The Black Gold Golf Club in Yorba Linda

Congratulations to Julia Kan & Robert Militante on their March 21, 2015 wedding at The Black Gold Golf Club in Yorba Linda, CA. It was a beautiful day – warm, but not hot. Everything went as planned and, as usual, the Los Angeles/Orange County traffic was at its worst. The traffic never presents any surprises!  Bride and her Brides’ Maids looked beautiful (the guys didn’t look bad either). It was a very memorable event!

Julia & Robert M. - 03.21.15