Calamigos Ranch wedding Video testimonial

Dena and Logan got married at the beautiful Calamigos Ranch in Malibu. This is one of my favorite venues. While it was a very hot day the couple was very cool. We did a wonderful ceremony where they wrote their own battles which they placed in picture frames (as I recommend all couples do). They each wrapped them up in wrapping paper so their first gift to each other would be their vows. It was kind of cute.
Here’s a nice picture of the three of us along with their testimonial.


Sunglasses, Diesel Trucks and Wedding vows

Dustin and Evin got married at a little restaurant called Tiato in Santa Monica.
Upon the entry to their wedding they were greeted with a rack of sunglasses which they were all required to wear.

As we are getting ready for the ceremony and I asked for the marriage license they realize they left it in their room so they sent someone to fetch it.

This is actually a godsend because when the ceremony started the light was perfect.
I started the ceremony with the blowing of the conch shell.
They presented leis to their parents to honor them.
Then craziness happened halfway through the ceremony.
A truck that was parked in the alley decided to start it’s loud diesel engine and go in reverse the loud beep beep beep.
It completely distracted the ceremony but my improv skills kicked in. I told them to never back away from each other and that from this point on every time they hear the beeps of backing up truck to always remember their wedding day.
I was able to distract their guests just long enough for the truck to clear the area and continue on ceremony.
It was a beautiful ceremony and the couple and their guests loved every minute of it.






Old Ranch Wedding Video

Here is a wonderful video of a wedding I performed at Old Ranch Country Club.

It was sent to me by

Brian & Julieanne Cianfrani
(949) 720-1967

I love doing weddings at old ranch country club. Their ceremony site is beautiful.

The Ceremony at the club’s outdoor gazebo was just perfect and the guests loved that the reception hall was just steps away from the gazebo. Ashley and Daniel arrived early and it was a wonderful moment the see Ashley & Daniel’s faces when they gazed at each other for the first time that day. Everyone that attended marveled over how beautiful Old Ranch Country Club is. All of the guests took home special moments to remember.

A pergola crown made of hand crafted wrought iron, sits at the end of a manicured lawn that leans into the Seal Beach sky. The Earth seems to fall away, and on all sides a panoramic view of lush greens, sparkling fountains, distant mountains and sky forms around the bride and groom. There is a natural majesty of the surroundings and the feeling that the whole world has taken pause for this special moment.

old rANCH

Beth brings us some blog photos and notes!

Beth Gates performs a Hawaiian Ceremony at the Gazebo in Long Beach with a great Family all in the wedding!



169 Wedding


Beth gates performs a wedding in Pasadena where I noted True Love is hard to find but easy to see and I saw it in the both of you!


82714 wedding pic

From the couple



> From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you so very much! It was a

> pleasure to meet you and an even greater pleasure to have you as our

> officiant. You reminded Sergio and I how great and strong our love is.

> The ceremony was beautiful and your words will forever live in our hearts.

> Thank you once again!!!!


Sergio & April Miranda

Read this amazing review from a ten-year vow renewal at Disney.

I perform this wonderful ceremony at Disney for a 10 year vow renewal. And I broke out all the stops even sang “once upon a dream” for them to dance to below is their review.


Great experience with a warm, fun ceremony posted 2014-08-26
Alan Katz conducted our 10 year vow renewal in June 2014 at the Disneyland Resort’s Rose Court Garden. Alan was very accommodating to our schedules and both calling and meeting us in person to arrange our ceremony, and he created a very customized, humorous but also touching ceremony. Alan also came to see me just before the ceremony to brief me on how things were going to go. He has absolutely fantastic personal skills and was very reassuring. Even better, I laughed, had fun and very much enjoyed our renewal and each of our guests said it was one of the best weddings they’d ever been to. There were no “snooze” moments whatsoever, and despite the heat of being outdoors, everyone had a great time at the ceremony. Even the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings staff stayed close as they said “this was a ceremony they weren’t going to miss!” That says something when your venue knows it is going to be a special event because you have THAT good of an officiant. We were so happy to work with Alan Katz, and hope to see him in another 10 years (or sooner) for a renewal. We feel that keeping the fun and commitment in your marriage helps it survive, and with a great officiant like Alan, it keeps the fun and engagement of everyone present and alive….


Jim and Bruce came in from Georgia to get married on the beach in sunny Southern California.

They were staying in orange county so I recommended they get married on Little Corona Del Mar beach in orange county.
This beach is known for its beautiful Rocky Coves.
However due to an extreme high tide and Hurricane Maria off the coast of Baja much of the beach was underwater.

So we chose the only spot of dry land left. Surrounded by their family and friends they tied the knot.
They gave me this wonderful testimonial.


Great Officiant Octavio has a Very Busy Wedding Weekend

Omar & Mercedes tied the Knott at beautiful Swiss Park Banquet Center in Whittier. This is one of his favorite locations because the outdoor setting is covered by trees, blocking the sun from the couple and their families and friends. As well as being a beautiful place for the ceremony and pictures of course. This happy couple decided to use the My Favorite ceremony which Octavio translated completely to Spanish for everyone to be included. They added the Mother’s Rose Presentation.


Juan & Llesica tied the knot at 72nd Place in Long Beach. This location provides such a beautiful backdrop, not only to say your vows to your significant other, but also for wonderful pictures. They chose My Favorite ceremony and added a couple of Catholic traditions such as 1st Corinthians and a wedding prayer before the closing comments. It was a bilingual ceremony. The beauty of our ceremonies is that they can be customized to you your wishes.


Oscar & Elizabeth tied the knot at Sterling Hills Golf Club in Camarillo, CA. It was a spectacular afternoon, the sun was shining down on us and the weather couldn’t have been better. Their ceremony was catholic bilingual and they incorporated the Mother’s Rose Presentation & the lasso and coin ceremony. It all came out beautiful and they were very happy with everything.