A Really Fun Wedding!!

Roger married a really fun couple Daniel & Lisa at the Antelope Valley Country Club, who from the very beginning wanted fun, fun fun in their wedding! They both had attended too many dry, boring weddings and they asked Roger upfront if he could make sure that did not happen! Roger told them to rest assured, that his weddings were anything but dry and boring. And Roger came through! The wedding was fun, romantic and both heart and humor filled! They both were very happy!!  They even had nice things to say on video!

Check out their video testimonial here:

Ana Sanchez_pt_1


Nervous groom was able to hold it together at Calamigos ranch in Malibu

Monica and Cory got married at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu today. Their wedding was wonderful, beautifully decorated and everybody looked perfect except the groom was an emotional mess. When they did the first look, he cried the most amazing happy tears I've ever seen.

When he made his way up next to me during the ceremony he told me he was going to lose it but I told him I would take care of him. I made him laugh and helped him relax and it ended up perfect.

Funny note: When they were doing the wine box and love letter ceremony they were hammering it shut and the head of the hammer fell off. I whispered to her "I hope nothing like that happens tonight"
She giggled put the hammer back together and got the nails drove in.

They kiss the most wonderful kiss at the end and made their way down the aisle. Below are some pictures and the wonderful testimonial they gave.



Oh no! Where’s the wine box for the ceremony? I

Lauren and Anthony got married today at Los Verdes Country club. Everything was going fine until we realized that they left the wine box for the wine box and love letter ceremony at home.
So thanks to the great staff at Los Verdes we improvised a new box, a bottle of wine and some empty envelopes that were used as props.

The ceremony was an amazing celebration. They had a bagpipe player. He played as the bride entered and the couple left. Just before they walked down the aisle together a little flower girl presented them with a beautifully ordained and decorated horse shoe.

This venue is a beautiful place to get married at.




Rev. George had a great time at the Pomona Valley Mining Company

Rick and Stacey got married Friday night at the Pomona Valley Mining Company, we had a great time.

The party started at 7:00pm so everyone was there and had beverages and appetizers. We chose the middle of the dance floor in the middle of the room so everyone had a great view of the bride and groom. Speaking of great views the Pomona Valley Mining Company overlooks the valley and at night you see all the lights in the valley. The wedding was simple and elegant and the couple was relaxed and the groom cried. The staff at the venue was helpful and courteous. Rick retired from LAPD after thirty five years and met Stacey five years ago. They picked there wedding date as it was the fifth anniversary of there first date.


This Ceremony fit the bill Of Great Officiant’s “Fun & Romantic” Wedding !!

Roger married Brian & Becky at the really cool Don The Beachcomber restaurant in Huntington Beach this last Saturday night. Now this couple from the very start wanted their ceremony to be crazy, fun, lot’s of laughs and……did I say crazy already? And they came to the right place with Roger.  After meeting to plan the ceremony, Roger really go a true feel for this couple and pulled out all the stops! They wanted a most unique wedding for a very unique couple! Not only was it one of the most romantic ceremonies with people tearing up but had the most laughs and applause breaks during the ceremony! This was a party and Roger had so many kind words passed on to him from their guests. A great day overall!

Becky reached out to Roger with these kind words.

"Thanks Roger!!! And thanks again so much for everything!!!! The ceremony was more awesome than we had even imagined.  Thanks for making it so funny and meaningful!!!!"


Saddlerock Ranch: God’s Country

"God's Country" is how Woody describes Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu. Woody's Couple, Alexandra and Freddy, as well as all of the guests were in awe of the views! There are a lot of exotic animals on the ranch as well. According to the valet guy, the zebra was a gift from the owner of the ranch to his wife for their wedding anniversary. Saddlerock Ranch oozes romance!!


Last Minute Changes for a Nervous Bride and an Emotional Groom……..

Roger married Darryl & Maria this last Saturday at the always beautiful Los Verdes Golf Course. Things got a little crazy the night before the wedding when suddenly the layout and schedule for the ceremony took an about face on how and when things were to happen. But fortunately, the DJ, the coordinator and Roger all pulled together and made it happen! The ceremony went off without a hitch! Plus, this couple really touched Roger. The two times Roger met with them, the bride Maria was very bubbly and excited and the groom Darryl was quiet and reserved. But as soon as the ceremony started, it was Darryl the groom who already had tears in his eyes and continued through out the entire ceremony. It was the most beautiful sight. This tall, man’s man, overwhelmed with emotion standing in front of the love of his life. And Roger got to be part of it. This is why we do this.

Marie was really happy with the wedding too!! She had these kind words to say…

"Roger thank you so much for everything! The ceremony was unforgettable and truly the best part. Thank you for making it such a special moment for us! And thank you for those pictures (Roger always takes pictures of the witnesses signing the license and sends them to the bride & groom) they are ones we will cherish forever as well as the amazing words."