Officiant Anthony Performs a Sizzling Ceremony at the Aliso Viejo Country Club

Kiersley, Cody & AVY 20140914
Kiersley and Cody’s ceremony took place on Sunday, September 14, and it was hot. Really HOT! Luckily, the Aliso Viejo Country Club had everything under control. The guests were kept cool and hydrated inside with AC until the last moment. The florist was amazing, also setting up at the last moment and everything looked fantastic. The bride and groom were both excited, nervous and very ready to become husband and wife.

Fortuitously, a breeze came up just a moment before we started, which took the edge off for everyone, except maybe Cody; he was giddy!

The ceremony was a combination of the samples as well as additions from their story which they wrote. A sand ceremony between the vows and ring exchange was included as well. All and all, it was a great wedding, a lovely couple, very nice venue with fantastic staff!

Two Outdoor Weddings and Two Stunning Couples Make Beautiful Memories- by Great Officiant Octavio

Ronald & Zulema

Ronald and Zulema

Ronald & Zulema got married at The Odyssey in Granada Hills. They decorations and flowers were all white and off whites. It all looked and felt like a dream.

Ronald and Zulema_2

Their coordinator Rose, who also works at The Castaway and other sister locations, ROCKED!! 

The couple asked me to write a portion of the ceremony for their sons and daughter honoring their special bond. It all came out beautiful! 

Ronald & Zulema, I’m truly honored to have been chosen to officiate your wedding ceremony. I know how important, special, and seriously you felt about it which only made me strive for the best ceremony possible, and we did it!!!!

Ronald and Zulema_3

Ricardo & Mayra

Ricardo and Mayra_1

Ricardo & Mayra Alicia tied the Knott at Royal Vista Golf Club in Walnut, CA.

They looked stunning! And their coordinator, Donna Ortega, was absolutely amazing!!! She’s the co-owner of “Your Day 2 Remember” which is a wedding planning company and I highly recommend them.

The beautiful couple included their daughter in the sand ceremony, which I think was very beautiful! This was a bilingual catholic lite ceremony with a few of our add-ins. I received about 7 requests for future weddings. This goes to show bilingual ceremonies are the way to go now-a-days!!!

Ricardo and Mayra_2

I wish all both my couples all the blessings in the world!!!

New York Guests Did Not Anticipate the California Heat for this Beautiful Wedding- by Great Officiant Frank

Miri & Gerson

Congratulations to Miri Moshe-Shirazi & Gerson Ramirez on their September 13, 2014 wedding at the Luminarias Restaurant in Monterey Park, CA.  It was a beautiful HOT SUNNY day in Southern California (not what the guests from New York were expecting).  The ceremony started on time and everything went as planned!  Although the guests appreciated the ceremony, they couldn’t wait for the first kiss knowing that an air conditioned room was just steps away! 

Miri & Gerson


What a Beautiful Bayside Beach Wedding with Great Officiant Octavio!

Juan & Aracely

Juan and Aracely

Juan & Aracely got married on 69th Place in Long Beach on the bay side. This was my second wedding at this location and frankly it’s absolutely gorgeous. You get beautiful backdrops 360 degrees. 

Our very own Beth Gates did a magnificent job in setting up all the chairs, canopy, and decorations.

Juan and Aracely are the best and looked stunning. They even insisted on me joining them at their reception, which I totally would have had I not had another wedding that night.

Juan & Aracely, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I wish you all the blessings in the World!!!

One Wedding Guest They Forgot To Invite…..

 Chakib & Danita

Roger officiated a a very memorable wedding for Chakib & Danita at the The Bistro Garden in Studio city this last weekend.  Roger was just getting to the part of the ceremony when he asks the bride & groom for their “I-Do’s” and right at that exact moment when he asks the groom for his response, the groom’s phone rings !!!  Now this is a first in all of Roger’s weddings !!  Roger even asked prior to the ceremony (as he always does) if the bridal party had their phones turned off and everybody said yes… Guess the groom forgot.  So whoever called, wasn’t invited to the wedding !  The crowd got a big kick out of it and Roger had a lot of fun on the spot with it ! 

It was also a very special ceremony because originally, the bride’s brother Richard was suppose to officiate the ceremony but fell very ill about a month prior to the wedding and didn’t know if he would be able to officiate.  Chakib & Danita reached out to Roger to see if he could be available to officiate if her brother did not recover enough to participate.  Roger said of course, just let him know as they got closer.  Well, it turns out that her brother was not able to officiate, so Roger took it upon himself to reach out to her brother and gather his thoughts and words that he would have liked for his sister’s wedding.  Roger then included those words in his ceremony, thus bringing both Roger’s words and her brothers all together.  It was a very emotional and wonderful day! 

chakib and danita_2


Here is a note from the bride Danita to Roger:


You ARE fantastic ! We had so many people asking for your contact information and raving about how great you are (we agree!).  And my brother Richard was so pleased with the ceremony and said you were a perfect choice since he couldn’t be there. He so appreciated that you kept his words and sentiment exactly as he shared them with you. We are extremely grateful to you. 

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts ! With much gratitude,

Danita & Chakib


Rev. Anthony V. Yuro’s Intimate Wedding Ceremony in Laguna Beach

Chad & Megan

Saturday Sept. 6th I was the Officiant for Chad, Megan and Kaylee (Chad’s daughter) at Hotel Seven4One in Laguna Beach, a great venue for small wedding! They also incorporated a three color sand ceremony. The very narrow opening on container made for some entertaining moments as the three tried to make it all fit.

Chad & Megan 20140906

Gondola wedding in Long Beach brings love and rainbows

Cruising through the Naples canals on a beautiful afternoon just before sunset Nick and Frankie Exchanged their vows ate some cheese, drank some wine and shared their love. Just as we docked a rainbow appeared in the backdrop.