A Cute Couple Married at our Cute Little Chapel

Ninette and Michael are a match made in heaven. They came in today with a full house of 30 guests to get married at our Cute Little Chapel. They chose the my Favorite Ceremony package, it was beautiful. They incorporated the ring pillows and flowers that we offer. They also ordered our in house photo package, look at how great these pictures turned out!


Filipino wedding ceremony at the Reef Restaurant in Long Beach

I love working with Filipino couples! They are so much fun and have so much life and laughter in them that I know I'm able to please them every ceremony I do. Today's wedding at the Reef was no exception. With an entourage of over 20 people walking down the aisle we were able to skillfully provide them with a perfectly executed ceremony. Lot and Vangie got the beautiful wedding that they dreamed of and I was happy to be a part of it.

We had met a couple weeks earlier and I issued them their marriage license so they never had to step foot in the county clerks office.

I love my job!


Victoria beach wedding ceremony. With their toes in the sand exchanged their vows

Elizabeth and Matt decided that they wanted to get married on the beach. As a child Matt roamed all through these beaches and really love this particular spot. The tower along the coastline was built in the 1920s as a way for the residence on the bluff to get down to the beach. It stands majestically above the beach and is a neat backdrop for a ceremony.

Unfortunately it's a very challenging beach to get down to. The neighborhood has very little if any open parking spaces so you have to park on Coast Highway. Then you have to walk downhill and find the long stairway to the beach. 

Once on the beach you have to traverse several rocky areas to get over to the tower.

As you'll see in the pictures below for some it can be well worth the trek. 

A Picturesque Wedding in the Rain, by Gary

Picture the most beautiful site on the coast: Little Corona Cove.  Picture a loving couple re-newing, with two children and guests watching, their wedding vows. Picture rain — yes rare rain — right at the time of the ceremony, pouring down. Picture the joy of love unabated, as this officiant led them in vows and symbols of commitment.  The storm on the beach was a perfect metaphor for the challenges of life and the ultimate victory of true love.  The couple and the guests all came from deep-frozen Minnesota, and their spirits soared as our "warm rain" was taken as the very blessing of God poured down upon their family.  As I drove away, soaked to the bone but inspired by this family, I savored with happiness my opportunity to serve them in the celebration of life.

Thanks again, for facilitating these romantic and authentic times,



A Hawaiian Couple Ties the Knot in CA, by Frank

Congratulations to Emily & Michael Pesicka on their February 21, 2015 ceremony at The Vintage Rose in Orange, CA.  Everything about the ceremony was perfect – the venue, the coordinators, the DJ.  The couple made their way from Hawaii for three beautiful days in Southern California before heading home.  I was told that SoCal has it all over Hawaii.  Hard to believe, but it must – they didn’t get married in Hawaii!  

Emily & Michael P. - 02.21.15

Octavio performs a heartfelt ceremony at Rancho Las Lomas

Nickole and Omar got married at Rancho Las Lomas. This was my first wedding at this location and I was just stunned by its beauty and enchantment!

This was a bilingual ceremony in which we incorporated the unity candle. We highly suggest to all our couples who want to do the unity candle to replace it with the sand ceremony if their ceremony is going to be outdoors. In this case the unity candle was covered by a glass. It was a bit tricky but luckily there was no wind and the glass did protect the candle from going out.

Traditionally the bride and groom's mother's come and light the candles at the beginning of the ceremony but since I didn't want to have any issues during that portion I called them up once were about to do that ritual.

This is a great example that no matter what happens there are always many ways in which we can all save the day and incorporate whatever you want into the ceremony formally and beautifully.

I would say this ceremony was flawless and of course the bride and groom looked absolutely spectacular!

When Tony, Nickole's father, walked her down the aisle he started crying and almost made me cry too but of course I kept it together. Needless to say it was very touching!

Nickole and Omar you where extraordinary and did such a wonderful job! I look forward to staying in touch with you guys and wish you all the blessings in the world!


A Wonderful Beach Ceremony at Roessler Point in Palos Verdes, by Alan Katz

Michelle Lacson of Michelle Lacson Photography just sent us over these great pictures. Alan performed a wedding at the exquisite Roessler Point gazebo in Palos Verdes on January 9th. The wonderful couple incorporated a sand ceremony, and even got their toes in the sand! It was a beautiful ceremony on a beautiful day.

Photos by Michelle Lacson