Great Officant Roger’s Breezy Outdoor Ceremony

Matt & Holly

Matt and Holly_2

This last Saturday Roger married Matt & Holly at one of Great Officiant’s favorite places in Redondo Beach, the Portofino Hotel.  The day was spectacular with a bit of breeze coming off the beautiful blue ocean. It was a great ceremony.

Matt and Holly_1

Octavio Officiates an Emotional Wedding in West Covina

Marizela & Trinidad

Marizela and Trinidad_Fix

Marizela & Trinidad are so sweet.  They even made me cry in the middle of their ceremony, which has never happened to me.

Their ceremony and reception took place at Hurst Ranch in West Covina.  It is a wonderful venue for weddings!  We did the Mothers’ Rose Presentation and the sand ceremony using colors yellow & silver.  These are my favorite add-ins and so beautiful in a ceremony.

They went all out with decorations, deejay, food, and an open bar.  I wish I could have stayed and enjoyed the company of their families and friends.

Thank you Marizela & Trinidad.  Blessings to you!!!

Officiant Frank Battles the Sun at the Reef

Tanykea & Mark D. - 03.30.14

     Congratulations to Tanykea Ingram and Mark DeBoe, Sr. on their sunny wedding on March 30 at The Reef in Long Beach, CA.  It was a great day overlooking the harbor with the sun glaring in our eyes.  As the processional began, the sun didn’t stop our eyes from focusing on all THIRTY-FIVE (yes, 35) members of the Bridal Party, as they made their way down the aisle.  The special reading by Tanykea’s dad, Reverend Perry Ingram, made it extra-special.  Aside from the wind preventing the Unity Candles from being lit, the ceremony went perfect!

Great Officiant Roger Marries Jim and Jason at Coco Palm


This past Saturday Roger had an amazing wedding at the Coco Palm Restaurant in Pomona.  He officiated the wedding of Jim & Jason, a wonderful couple who are both heavily involved in the field of health and fitness.  Not only were they both in amazing shape, but there was not a person at the wedding who was over 5% in body fat!  It was the healthiest group of people Roger has seen at any of his weddings!

Roger will now be heading back to the gym…

Bells ring at the Vineyards in Simi Valley

Andrew and Laurissa got married at the Vineyards in Simi Valley . I love this venue they got married down below in the garden and it was a picture-perfect day.
An element of the ceremony was the ringing of a bell. They rang the bell during the ceremony to symbolize their love. With the caveat that every time something exciting or something challenging happened in their lives they would ring a bell. No matter where they were in the world if they heard a bell ringing they would have to give each other a kiss.



Beautiful Couples Rose Presentation in Granada Hills- Wedding by Great Officiant Frank

Janet & Steve

Janet & Steve O. - 03.21.14

Congratulations to Janet Contreras and Steve Osiek on their March 21, 2014 wedding at the Odyssey Restaurant in Granada Hills, CA.  It was a beautiful evening on
the patio with an equally beautiful view.  Their personal gift to each
other of a single red rose symbolized their first of many gifts to each
other as husband and wife — the red rose being the universal symbol of “I
Love You!”

Our Great Officiant Octavio sweeps a couple off their feet with the jumping of the broom at the Reef in Long Beach.

Veronica & Jawuan’s wedding took place at The Reef. A beautiful restaurant overlooking the bay in Long Beach. It was a beautiful day and an even more beautiful setting. The decorations were spectacular. They also had a musician playing the harp throughout the entire ceremony which was beautiful.

They decided to do the broom jumping ritual which I had never done. The symbolism of it is awesome. Their energies throughout the ceremony was so loving. I could just feel the love they have for each other when they looked into each others’ eyes, WOW.

Veronica & Jawuan I wish you all the blessings in the world!

Great job octo man.